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Hey! It's MeHi Guys! I'm Nina Marinka, the author this CNA site. Welcome to Online-CNA-Classes dot ORG - Your Online Resource to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

I started to have an idea to create a site about CNA training is when I meet my friend. She is an ordinary mother, live in California with 2 kids and have no job. Because she knew that I'm a CNA, she ask me about the salary and career future of a CNA can go.

Surprisingly, She is interested to become a nurse aide! I shared my experience and helped her to find place where she can take a CNA training. And now, she is a great CNA with 2 kids!

Since that moment, an idea to create a site that can help people be come a CNA appear in my brain. I started to outsource someone who can help me creating a site that I really want. Finally, I found someone from Indonesia who wants to help me to create a simple site. How lucky I am that time! He is very smart and hardworking. After working for almost 3 months (with my friend from Indonesia), This site is finished on May 2011.

This site is dedicated to you who are looking for information about CNA classes online. All information on this page is cited from trusted sources with smart research. Our main goal is to help and guide people who want to become a certified nursing assistant.

On this site we will provide a glimpse of the CNA classes as well. The information is only needed if you really do not know about how to become a certified nursing assistant.

Based on our observations in various forums and nursing education sites, there are still many people who do not know the procedure for CNA certification. The information that we provide to you on this page is written in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) format.

Even I have a job as a CNA, I'm not claiming that I know everything about nursing assistant. I only shares what I think that people will need to become a nurse assistant. Therefore, you can also contribute to this site by submitting your questions (please do not submit out of topic questions) to us.

For those of you who do not know for sure about CNA certification, please go to this page and read it carefully. In that page, we provide FAQS about licensing and certification for certified nurse assistant.

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