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The Perspective of the CNA Job from A CNA

It will be a difficult day when you face sudden health disorders such as a heart attack or broken bones. Not only these but also other health issues like diabetes, asthma or elderly problems may make you dependent. In this worst-case scenario, what will you do? You certainly need someone to take good care of you. If you have someone from your family, you are lucky. But what if you don’t? You surely need to remain under a nursing supervision. Nursing assistants will play a key role here. They can help you to return to your healthy life.

Certified Nursing Assistants are treated as the front-liners in the health care sector due to their responsibilities and long working hours with patients. They coordinate with the medical stuffs and the patient. The routine checkup and time to time monitoring have made them essential in health care industry. In a word, without their contribution you cannot imagine a complete health care service.

The job of a CNA thus holds much responsibilities and importance over general nurses. The problems of nurses are that they most likely get overburdened. So, where a solid concentration has to be given on a particular patient, they often failed. Hospital nursing assistants offer a better promise in this case. Along with the standard job of a nurse, they have to perform a variety of duties. The very basic things a CNA does include: bathing, feeding, dressing patients, checking the vital signs, moving the patients to other places of the facility. These tasks have to be completed with a great compassion and preparedness. No wonder training of CNA makes them ready for the job.

Besides the caregiver role, they also have to face some professional hazards. The main risk factor in this job is the environment of working. It is certain that hospitals are the hotbeds for various germs and diseases. It is tough to deal with these threats at the same time giving sole concentration on patient. So, necessary precautions should be taken or should maintain good health conditions to continue the service.

Working hours is another odd point in this service. This often varies according to conditions and sometimes you may have to work holidays or weekends.Furthermore, you may have to work on residents where you may not have any choice. Sprained muscle may occur more or less frequently as you have to lift the patients. Although the training should make you prepare for this sudden calamity but you should be alert.

There are great rewards and opportunities in this job. A CNA can earn $22,000 per year in addition to the package of benefits and securities. So, completing the CNA training will make you a healthcare professional and you can enjoy honor, satisfaction, financial solvency and job security.

So, are you interested to become a CNA?

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