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How to Become a CNA – Essential steps to follow

Are you thinking to take the profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? How to become a CNA? The process of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant involves classroom study, scientific experience and learning in a real patient facility. In order to take up the position of a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must take up the needed training, pass the written test and the oral examination. A Certified Nursing Assistant will teach you how to offer a patient with routine care such as applying dressings to wounds, bathing and emergency techniques.

5 Steps to be a certified nursing assistant

Here are discussed the 5 steps to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA).Become a CNA

  1. Enroll with a Certified Nursing Assistant program – If you are thinking to become a nurse, you will have to enroll with a Certified Nursing Assistant program. The programs differ in length ranging between three to twelve weeks based on the school. You will find various community colleges that provide CNA classes and the tuition will depend on the individual capability. You may check out with a nursing home or a local hospital for a proposed course in your area since there are no lists of available courses.
  2. Appear and pass the certification test – You will have to appear and pass a written and a performance CNA exam. These exams are administered by the state and offered as a part of your training course. The exams consist of things like caring for the patient and using proper sanitation. Once you pass the exam, you will be able to take up the profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant. 
  3. Apply for the CNA license – Once you pass the CNA exam, you will have to get in touch with the Department of Health to apply for the CNA license (CNA Certification). It requires some time to go through the paperwork and so, you should file for a license and pay the fees without delay. Thus, after you obtain your CNA license, you will be able to get innumerable jobs. You need to know that Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand in the job market and this will probable not change with time. 
  4. Pass an unlawful history background check – All the applicants will have to put forward a background check consisting of fingerprints. This is needed by the Health Care Professional Responsibility and Reporting Enhancement Act. The necessary information and forms will be shared out as a part of the assignment for Certified Nursing Assistant. 
  5. Renew the license in every 24 months – You will get a renewal application from the state board of nursing a few months before your CNA license expires. You will have to show evidence that you’ve worked for a minimum of seven hours in the last two years as a Certified Nursing Assistant. In case you do not remember to renew your license, you will again have to appear for the state nursing entrance test. 

These are some of the essential steps that will enable you to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.


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