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Good bedside manner? Yes, got it by the bucket load; Great medical mind? Yes, like an encyclopedia; Top essay writing marks? Well, that can be a struggle. Because even though nursing is a practical job, it doesn’t mean there are no essays to write. As a student, essay writing tends to make up a cornerstone of modern-day learning. But there is help at hand.

UK EssaysThe first step is not to be intimidated by any academic work. It’s important to make a note of any deadlines and essay questions. And above all, don’t put it off. Therein lies the road to stress. If essay writing isn’t your strong point then there’s no advantage in putting your head in the sand. Don’t understand the question? Then ask. That’s what your tutor is there for, and it shows you’re using your initiative.

Now, what about research? Head to the library and start to check for any suitable reading material. And don’t just stick to books. It’s also worth considering articles in journals and magazines. The internet is another great tool for students. It can through up ideas for reading and research, which perhaps you hadn’t thought of before. Essay writing services are another potential source of research and ought to be treated as such.


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Make a plan and stick to it, that way you’re less likely to go off on a tangent. A plan helps with the essay structure, allowing arguments flow and seem more methodical. Essay structures tend to all be the same whether it’s nursing or nuclear physics you’re writing about. Begin with an introduction which gives you the opportunity to lay out your plan for the essay before moving onto the main body. Some essay writing experts recommend using a paragraph for each point. This will, according to some, help avoid confusion, and the paragraphs, which tend to be at least three sentences long, should link to together in some way. That’s to say, don’t talk about one subject; then in the next paragraph move onto an entirely different topic or argument; try to make it flow. Plus it makes easy work for the reader if they don’t have to keep referring back to an earlier point or topic. And finally, you finish your essay with the conclusion. This works to round-up the points made in the main section and highlight any other possible research routes.

Now, when it comes to writing, try to use simple sentences. Don’t over-complicate things because in the end you could end up confusing not just the reader but also yourself. In nursing essays, chances are you’ll be using medical terms. This are often in Latin which can make sentences look, and feel longer. Bare this in mind and keep the rest of the words simple and the sentences short and sweet. For instance, they don’t always have to have a verb. Nope. Not at all. That’s because on its own, a singular word can work and it sometimes more effective. Good grammar and spelling, however, are a must-do so go through your work carefully. Thankfully, nowadays thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of tools available to help students, so be sure to use them.

This article was written on behalf of firm, UK Essays. Founded in 2003, it has helped students around the world overcome essay writing difficulties with expert guidance and help with handy hints and tips.

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