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The federal government, prescribes the minimum hours of training and supervised clinical hours required for CNA certification at 75 and 16 hours, respectively; although the state minimum is higher at 80 and 37.5 hours, respectively. There are also federal policies with respect to the subject areas required for inclusion in CNA training programs, as well as the qualifications for trainer accreditation. There is at least one government-recognized institution offering CNA classes in every US city and any qualified individual aspiring to be a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nursing Aide may avail of traditional classroom- and clinic-based training or online classes when the latter modality is approved by the state authorities.

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Three institutions offer CNA training in Philadelphia in the traditional mode format: the American Red Cross and two community colleges - the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and the Delaware County Community College (DCCC). The Red Cross charges a fee of $1,300 for a four-week course scheduled from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm four days a week or approximately 128 training and clinical hours. Meanwhile, the CCP CNA course, which is subsidized by the Wanamaker Scholars Program, runs for 136 hours of classroom instruction, laboratory skills training, and clinic-based practicum for determined trainees who are only required to pay the amount of $30 as matriculation fee. On the other hand, DCCC provides 133 hours of training for CNA, including 60 hours of clinical experience for a fee ranging from $913 to $1537, depending on institutional sponsorship arrangements.

There are institutions offering partial online courses in CNA, but trainees are still required to comply with the minimum specified number of supervised clinical hours to earn a certification. The two modalities of CNA training in Philadelphia present their own strengths and weaknesses. Traditional CNA courses are usually preferred by employers because skills and competency training are personally supervised by experts. At the American Red Cross, for example, clinical training classes are guaranteed with an instructor to student ratio of 1:10. However, the tuition fees for traditional courses are usually more expensive, except when scholarships are given. Online courses are more favored by prospective trainees on account of the flexibility in course schedule, the opportunities presented for students to learn at their own phase, and the availability of free online training courses.

Section 1181.521 under Title 55 of the Administrative Code of the state of Pennsylvania specifies the requirements for nurse aide training together with the competency evaluation system for CNA training in Philadelphia. The subject areas generally covered in CNA courses include: basic skills in nursing, personal care, competency in patient needs assessment in terms of social services and mental well-being health, fundamentals of restorative care for the injured, patients recovering from surgery, and other diseases, as well as the rights of nursing home residents and clients of other health care facilities. Among the basic skills learned in CNA courses are measurement and recording of blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. CNA trainees also learn skills in personal care, such as bathing, hygiene routines, use of the toilet, and exercise appropriate for the patient. The trainees are also exposed to safe and proper techniques for facilitating patient mobility, documenting vital patient data, and emergency procedures.

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